Over the years I have come to realize that many people are afraid to talk about their sexual health with their doctor especially when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and their treatment.rnI have always had an interest being a part of a greater cause such as service projects, teaching students, and personal development education. I am most passionate about educating people about sexual responsbility and helping them maintain optimal sexual health.rnI founded Simple STD Testing to help people find a way to anonymously get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. My company specializes in helping people find answers regarding their sexual health and while maintaining confidentiality meaning they do not have to visit with their doctor or report the test results to their insurance provider (certain STDs can dramatically affect your health insurance rates/coverage).rnMy company Simple STD Testing has a free hotline for you and your partner to get your questions answered and get tested.rnWith Simple STD Testing you get:rn100% Confidential service no exceptions Caring counselors sympathetic and understanding Questions answered problem identified Convenient same day appointments Accurate results Quick results Quick Peace of mindrnMy company is here to help and provide you quick, accurate, and confidential testing peace of mind and peak sexual health.

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