The KnowEm 2.0 ReLaunch

If you haven’t been back to in a while, you’ll probably be surprised to see our new facelift!  We’ve completely redesigned the site, and have got a bunch of new features to show you.  But first, I’d like to mention some stories that were written about our new site launch today:

From TechCrunch: KnowEm Helps Businesses Stake Their Claim To Brands On Social Media Platforms

“There are increasing number of platforms in the social media landscape where businesses need to “stake their claim,” and engage with consumers. But it can be tough for brands to keep track of their Facebook pages, mentions on Digg, photos on Flickr, Tweets on Twitter and so on. Startup Knowem is launching a family of services that are designed to help both large companies and small businesses stake their brand claim in social media landscape and manage their presence on these sites.”…

From Mashable: KnowEm: Claim Your Identity Across Hundreds of Social Media Sites

“Having a consistent social identity is becoming increasingly important for users and businesses that engage in online communication. After all, people can associate you or your personal brand with your username.”…

Now about those new features …

One thing you’ll notice is a much more detailed user profile page.  Check out the pages for KnowEm co-founders Barry Wise and Michael Streko to see how you can use a personal profile to identify your presence on the social web.  You can use your personal profile to not only identify which social media profiles you control, but which ones you don’t (more about that in a later post).

For businesses, we offer another kind of profile – check out the profile page for KnowEm to see what it can offer.  Not only does it list Social Media profiles, it also catalogs all mentions of your brand on several social media mashups, as well as Google trending terms and Compete Statistics.

There are plenty more features we’d like to show you, so look forward to our next blog post when we discuss our new tracking and analysis system for social networks …

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  1. KnowEm Helps SMB Owners Claim & Protect Their Brand | Small Business Trends on October 22nd, 2009 8:01 am

    […] KnowEm 2.0 launched on Tuesday with a brand new Web site and a host of new features that make it even more powerful than it was before (and it was pretty impressive the first time around). The KnowEm Enterprise Dashboard has been helping Fortune 500s secure their brands in social media since May of this year through private profile set ups (complete with links and pictures). According to KnowEm Co-Founder Barry Wise, “since the launch of the private invite beta of the enterprise dashboard, [KnowEm] has secured over 100,000 profiles”. Now, with the relaunch, they’re not only extending that service for major brands, but giving small business owners a way to get in on the action. […]

The KnowEm 2.0 ReLaunch

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