KnowEm Launches USPTO Trademark Search App for Android

Today at Pubcon KnowEm has announced a new free app for Android devices – The KnowEm USPTO Trademark Search app. The app allows you to search the entire USPTO trademark database for your brand or product name to discover if it’s ever been trademarked in the past, or more importantly, if it is currently trademarked now. If your trademark is available, we also provide a link to actually register the U.S. Trademark in your name via our partner, TMarque.

And yes, it’s entirely free.

Back in May of this year we launched our graphical USPTO Trademark and Registration service on our site, We found it was so popular we thought we would break another technology barrier by releasing the first ever mobile app for trademark searching and registration. The app searches millions of records in the entire USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database almost instantaneously.

Keep watching for more mobile apps we plan to launch in the near future as we continue to expand our service offierings to make it easier for brands and companies to secure their trademark and product names.

You can easily download the KnowEm USPTO Trademark Search app for free in the Google Android Market. (Requirements: Android 2.1+)

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KnowEm Launches USPTO Trademark Search App for An…

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