Where the Heck is Local and Are You Going To Be At SES NY?

KnowEm Since the announcement of our local platform and the few very rough beta demo’s we gave at PubCon we have had people inquiring about when our local platform is launching, what it is going to entail and how the heck they can get early access to it. Well both myself and Barry (the Co-Founders of KnowEm) have an issue with releasing new products and/or platforms which have not been thoroughly beta tested. So for full transparency (I know that’s one of the hip social media phrases that people love to use) I am going to let you all know what is going on and how you can get access to our local platform the second it is launched.

So as every developer and web site owner knows, things take a bit of time, especially when you’re working with a lot of different APIs from different companies/vendors, especially when there is never two APIs that are exactly the same.   So what Barry and our developers have been working on is the different integration of all types of platforms because when we launch this beast we want to make sure it is not just another “platform” or “dashboard” that has already been created.  We want to deliver something very unique, affordable and impressive. We are building something that will give agencies of all sizes, from 10 clients to 10,000 clients, a dashboard (even white labeled) that their clients will be able to log into easily and intuitively use.

“So when can I see it?”, is a question I get almost 15 times a week and believe me, I want to show it to everyone, but we hate to show a product which is not completely ready for launch.  So until this product is perfect, it’s going to stay in development, but there is a chance for you to get a live early sneak preview …

SES NYI will be at SES in New York City next week on Tuesday only.  So if you are interested in meeting up and checking out a demo of our Local Platform and Enterprise Dashboard email me directly at michael@knowem.com and I will get you scheduled in.  I am going to be in NYC from 10:00 AM and giving demos only until 6 PM or when the bridge bar opens, whatever happens first. 🙂


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Where the Heck is Local and Are You Going To Be A…

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