KnowEm’s New Features for Social Media Management

Clients of our Enterprise Dashboard might have noticed a few new features we rolled out in the past few weeks.  These are all based on requests from our customers; if you have an idea that would make our service better for you, please let us know!

Sub Accounts – A lot of our enterprise level clients have policies regarding the sharing of login and passwords.  Now through your dashboard you can create “Sub Accounts”.   The original account that you use to log into your dashboard now has the ability to create other accounts which can access the dashboard.  If your company has multiple people in departments or divisions that need access to KnowEm’s dashboard you can create unique logins for an unlimited number of employees.

More Data from Social Media Sites–  This has been another big request and it took a lot of grunt work but we were able to tackle it.  When you now export a report from your dashboard of “Uncontrolled Profiles” (meaning the profiles that we found that your name, trademark or intellectual property was already taken on) you will notice a few new fields in the spreadsheet.  These fields are the phone number (if available), mailing address (if available) and a direct link to the WhoIs information of the Social Network site registrant. So all of our legal clients may rejoice that if you need to send a Cease and Desist or Takedown notice to a social media site the mailing address is right at your finger tips.   If you are currently a white label client and would like this update on your dashboard please contact your KnowEm staff representative. And now the big feature, that has been requested the most…. (Drum Roll and obnoxious suspense)

Rotation of URLs and Descriptions inside profiles – Now we have never deemed ourselves as a link building service, but, let’s be honest here – some of you SEO people use us for that. It’s okay we don’t name names and won’t tell. But one issue that we have had since the latest rounds of tweaks to the big G’s algorithm is that people are worried that if we create 100,150 or 300 profiles all with the same links and anchor text it could end up hurting their rankings.  We personally do not feel that our service could harm a site in this manner, but we have listened to our clients and now given you the ability to specify up to 5 different links, anchor texts and descriptions for your social profiles.  When we complete a signup our team will rotate through the information you provided to allow anchor text and content diversity.

KnowEm Enterprise Dashboard

So there you have it. Currently these features are exclusive to our Enterprise Dashboard customers, but eventually they will be rolled out to our retail site.  Would you care for a demo?  From marketing firms that have 10 clients to companies that have hundreds of clients we are more than happy to help accommodate you and your clients control all of your social media profile data from one centralized location.  It also has some other *REALLY* cool features, but you’re going to have to schedule a demo in order to see them.  😉


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KnowEm’s New Features for Social Media Manageme…

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