Coming Soon: KnowEm First Post Publishing

Announcing KnowEm First Post Publish

We always strive for the best possible customer service by listening to you, our customers, and now we’re launching a new service specifically tailored to your requests.  In 2009 when we launched our brand protection service we were fulfilling a need that still exists today; KnowEm is still the best way to establish and protect your brand’s name on social media.  The many disparate social networks that exist today still don’t offer any kind of central clearing house for trademark or ownership verification.  It’s over 6 years since we’ve launched and KnowEm is still going strong providing that service.  We can create up to 300 social media profiles in a matter of a days to lock down your brand, but a lot of customers are still asking – what’s next?

We’ve come up with a solution that we’ve been testing in private beta with some of our Agency white label and Reseller customers via our Enterprise-grade dashboard.  Our SEO and ORM agency resellers have shown us some of the amazing results they’re getting dominating the SERPs using the service, and we’ve finally got the process flow refined to such a point that we’ll soon be able to offer this to our entire retail customer base.

Announcing the new KnowEm First Post Publishing plan: social media content marketing to publish your brand’s content on up to 100 different social networks at once.  When you place a Branding or Agency plan with us, you can provide us with multiple photos, images, videos, status updates, 1000-word length feature blog posts – you name it, if you want it published on your social profiles, upload it.  It then gets routed to the most appropriate social network for that medium – photos meta-tagged and uploaded to over 2 dozen networks like Flickr and 500px; videos and their optimized descriptions published to over 2 dozen sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, status updates tweeted, blog posts with HTML formatting and textual links posted on WordPress and Blogger.

So stay tuned – we’re about to change the way businesses use social media.  Once again.


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Coming Soon: KnowEm First Post Publishing

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