Video: How to Search for your Username on over 600 Social Networks

The second video in our three part series demonstrates how to do a simple username search on KnowEm for your brand, product or personal username on the over 600 Social Networks we currently monitor in our database.

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How To Resell KnowEm Via Affiliate Marketing

Since I come from a background of affiliate marketing I am often asked, “What are some of the best ways an affiliate could market KnowEm’s services if he/she were a blogger or had a mailing list?” So I decided to lay out some suggestions and ideas of different ways that to help our affiliates sell KnowEm’s services.

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KnowEm’s New Features for Social Media Management

Clients of our Enterprise Dashboard might have noticed a few new features we rolled out in the past few weeks. These are all based on requests from our customers; if you have an idea that would make our service better for you, please let us know!

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Video: How to Create a Public Profile on KnowEm

Today KnowEm is publishing an instructional video explaining how to create a free Public Profile membership on We decided to convert some of our most frequently asked questions into a video to help new users through the process of a signup.

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Knowem’s Company Flag Is At Half Mast Today, June 6th

Disclaimer – this is a personal post for me (Michael Streko), and doesn’t reflect KnowEm’s business perspective. But since we are such a very close-knit family team here, once I explained to them what I went through and how much this person meant to me, they all agreed and supported me in declaring today a special day here in honor of my Grandfather’s memory.

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Obama Supports Gay Marriage: How does Social Media Feel about That?

President Obama announced on Wednesday that “it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” This was obviously a bombshell statement for both politicians and the public alike, immediately bringing to the forefront a controversial and polarizing discussion about same-sex or gay marriage. Wherever you stand on the issue, if you’re watching TV or reading the news, you’ve heard all kinds of viewpoints on the subject. And if you’re participating on any social network, you’ve probably heard just as many reactions from armchair pundits.

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Where the Heck is Local and Are You Going To Be At SES NY?

Since our announcement of our local platform and the few very rough beta demo’s we gave at PubCon we have had people inquiring about when our local platform is launching, what it is going to entail and how the heck they can get early access to it.

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KnowEm Introduces the “Essential Package”

Today KnowEm is proud to announce the new “Essential Package”, a selection of the 25 most popular social media sites. You can see the exact offering of sites on the purchase page by clicking the link underneath the package information.

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KnowEm Launches USPTO Trademark Search App for Android

Today at Pubcon KnowEm has announced a new free app for Android devices – The KnowEm USPTO Trademark Search app. The app allows you to search the entire USPTO trademark database for your brand or product name to discover if it’s ever been trademarked in the past, or more importantly, if it is currently trademarked now.

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WARNING: New Gplus.To Site Not Affiliated with Google

With the launch of the new Google+ Social Network last week there has been a landrush of (mostly techie) people to start trying out the new service. As with anything new and untested, always be wary of your privacy settings on the web, and especially to whom you’re giving your information.

Recently a new site launched called – this site has no affiliation with Google, no privacy policy, and basically no information about who owns it or how it uses your information.

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