Five Niche Social Networks That Deserve Your Attention

Here at Knowem we constantly research new social media sites for our customers. We add new ones every month, and sometimes we see sites that look exceptionally exciting and promising. Of course, some times it seems social networks can go down as quickly as they spring up – that’s why we’re always researching them. Today we present to […]

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3 Quick Tips To Help Build Trust In Your Brand

Building your brand isn’t just  done overnight or in any specific length of time.  Building your brand is an ongoing and never ending process that begins with defining what your brand is – your ideals and goals; in short, your mission.  It starts with creating a memorable logo that represents those ideals and goals, and of course securing all […]

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Google’s Transparency Report: A Step Backward for IP Theft and Copyright Protection?

When I first read that a new factor in Google’s ranking algorithm was going to be DMCA take down notices, just like the rest of the Search Engine Optimization community I was a bit shocked and curious about how this would play out. Could this mean a whole new round of fake take down notices to attempt to hurt a competitor’s rankings in the SERPs? Take look at the increase in these notices and I will let you judge this for yourself:

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Video: How to Search for your Username on over 600 Social Networks

The second video in our three part series demonstrates how to do a simple username search on KnowEm for your brand, product or personal username on the over 600 Social Networks we currently monitor in our database.

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Why Registering (CompanyName) Is a Thing of the Past

It used to be the biggest fear for a company. Someone would come along and register a domain name with their trademarked term in it followed by a derogatory word. Since ICANN launched the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) however, that practice has basically become a futile waste of money and time.

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KnowEm’s New Features for Social Media Management

Clients of our Enterprise Dashboard might have noticed a few new features we rolled out in the past few weeks. These are all based on requests from our customers; if you have an idea that would make our service better for you, please let us know!

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Do I Really Need To Reserve My Name On Hundreds Of Social Media Sites?

One of the more common questions we get asked at KnowEm from customers and prospective clients is “Why do we need to worry about all these social networks? I haven’t even heard of half of them; why do they even matter and how do they help my brand?”

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You may (or may not) already have a Google+ Vanity URL!

At KnowEm we’ve been trying for a while now to see if Google has opened up a way for anyone to grab a vanity URL from Google+. After searching around Google and some other blogs and publications this morning it appears that you cannot claim a vanity URL just yet; however, if you had selected a vanity URL for your old Google Profile those have been grandfathered in to point to your current Google+ profile (here is an example of my own:

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KnowEm Launches USPTO Trademark Search App for Android

Today at Pubcon KnowEm has announced a new free app for Android devices – The KnowEm USPTO Trademark Search app. The app allows you to search the entire USPTO trademark database for your brand or product name to discover if it’s ever been trademarked in the past, or more importantly, if it is currently trademarked now.

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Paul Krugman,Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times Hacked

Paul Krugman is an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times and writes that his social media identity was stolen on Google+. He writes in the Times: “Well, this is interesting. I hear that the not-so-good people at National Review are attacking me over something I said on my Google+ page. Except, I don’t have […]

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