KnowEm Launches USPTO Trademark Search and Registration Service

You talked, and we listened – today we launched a new service to make it even easier for brands to secure their online presence in one place, by adding a graphical USPTO Trademark Search and Registration service to  In our continuing hope to make KnowEm a one-stop-shop for all your business branding and marketing needs, we thought it was a natural extension of our service offerings to allow business and inidivuals the chance to trademark their brands.

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TIGER BLOOD: 7 Social Media Identity and Reputation Management Lessons from Charlie Sheen

I know. Reputation management lessons from Charlie Sheen? It’s almost akin to getting cultural acceptance tips from Mel Gibson. But we live in a world full of surprises. One minute, a disgruntled customer or ex-employee creates a fake Twitter profile to bring our brand down; the next minute, we’re getting advice from Charlie Sheen on social media identity and brand protection. Let’s hear him out anyway …

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Teachers Social Media Identity Stolen on Twitter

In Panama City Florida a local and respected teachers’ identity was used to create a fake Twitter profile which spouted off derogatory comments about autistic students. The teacher works with special needs students and had no idea this was going on until she was informed by officials questioning her and the profile.

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Comparison of Brand Protection in Greece, Romania and Albania

The practical experience of working in 3 jurisdictions for all sorts of IP matters including brand protection reveals a lot in terms of how a pre-merging (Albania), emerging (Romania) and “emerged” market (Greece) apply in each respective jurisdiction, equivalent general principles deriving from the same international treaties.

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Microsoft Follows Google’s Rules of Trademark Use In PPC

Microsoft released an announcement today that as of March 3rd, 2011, they will no longer be making editorial investigations into “complaints about trademarks used as keywords to trigger ads on Bing & Yahoo! Search in the United States and Canada.” What this basically means is they are allowing anyone to bid on a trademarked term for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, even if someone else owns the trademark on that term. They still, however, will investigate text within the ads (note their new “Investigations” policy).

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The New Threat of Typosquatting (Misspelled Brands) in Social Media

A recent tweet by Andrew Nystrom of RedBull brought attention to a growing trend we’ve noticed in Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook — that of Typosquatting. Typosquatting is a form of brandjacking/cybersquatting in which someone registers the misspelling of a brand or trademark term in an attempt to capture traffic from a legitimate well-known entity. In cases of social networks, this is done by using the misspelling of a username, such as in Justin Beiber’s case. The real @justinbieber has 5.2 million followers, but a misspelled dupe account of @justinbeiber (the i and e transposed) with zero tweets already has over 16,000 followers.

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How To Protect Your Business Name, Brand And Identity

When good friends Michael and Barry asked if I’d be interested in contributing to the KnowEm blog, I jumped at the chance. My company, CorpNet®, has been a happy KnowEm customer since last year. Like KnowEm, I strongly believe that companies should protect their most valuable assets: their identity, brand, and reputation. And like KnowEm, I believe in making this task dead simple, for companies of all sizes.

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New Dashboard from KnowEm Helps Protect Against Brandjacking in the Social Web

KnowEm, the company working to help brands manage their identity across the social web, announced the public launch of a new Enterprise Dashboard designed to help brands protect their trademarks and intellectual property in the ever-changing social media landscape.

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Portokabin, Google France and Interflora: The ECJ’s AdWords Trifecta

The latest European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in a dispute about Google’s AdWords service and trademarks is instructive for multinational brand owners and their customers. In the matter of Portakabin Ltd., Portakabin BV v. Primakabin BV, the ECJ again addressed the liability of third parties who choose keywords that are identical or similar to a proprietor’s registered trademarks.

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