A Lesson From Netflix and Reed Hastings in Communication

For nearly 10 years, KnowEm has been helping people and brands protect themselves online from misuse of their names and trademarks. This is something that we are extremely proud of. Some clients have found themselves entangled in conflict that led them to using our services with a desired result of reclaiming and rehabilitating their reputations. […]

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How To Get Your Social Media Profiles to Rank High in Google

It is no secret that Google loves social media profiles, especially for brand-related “navigational” searches when it’s obvious that people are interested in your company. But that doesn’t mean your own profile is going to make the cut, not without some work. Much of it comes down to competition. When you have so many reviews […]

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How to Research Niche Questions for Better Reputation Management

Someone may be publicly asking questions about your brand at this very moment. Or someone asked it two weeks ago and got an answer (but not from you) and now this thread is ranking for your brand name.

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Free Awesome Blogger Outreach Tools You’re Probably Not Using

Creating a blogger outreach program is as natural a part of brand marketing on the web these days as any other. An extension to social campaigning, it is a thorough and honest way to tap into a blogger’s trusted reader base, while fostering a connection and relationship with a valuable content creator.

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How to Secure Your Child’s Digital Future

A few days ago we had an interesting conversation on Facebook discussing what you should do (digitally-wise) once your baby is born. It started from this meme:

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Five Niche Social Networks That Deserve Your Attention

Here at Knowem we constantly research new social media sites for our customers. We add new ones every month, and sometimes we see sites that look exceptionally exciting and promising. Of course, some times it seems social networks can go down as quickly as they spring up – that’s why we’re always researching them. Today we present to […]

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3 Quick Tips To Help Build Trust In Your Brand

Building your brand isn’t just  done overnight or in any specific length of time.  Building your brand is an ongoing and never ending process that begins with defining what your brand is – your ideals and goals; in short, your mission.  It starts with creating a memorable logo that represents those ideals and goals, and of course securing all […]

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