Video: How to Search for your Username on over 600 Social Networks

The second video in our three part series demonstrates how to do a simple username search on KnowEm for your brand, product or personal username on the over 600 Social Networks we currently monitor in our database.

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How To Resell KnowEm Via Affiliate Marketing

Since I come from a background of affiliate marketing I am often asked, “What are some of the best ways an affiliate could market KnowEm’s services if he/she were a blogger or had a mailing list?” So I decided to lay out some suggestions and ideas of different ways that to help our affiliates sell KnowEm’s services.

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Video: How to Create a Public Profile on KnowEm

Today KnowEm is publishing an instructional video explaining how to create a free Public Profile membership on We decided to convert some of our most frequently asked questions into a video to help new users through the process of a signup.

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You may (or may not) already have a Google+ Vanity URL!

At KnowEm we’ve been trying for a while now to see if Google has opened up a way for anyone to grab a vanity URL from Google+. After searching around Google and some other blogs and publications this morning it appears that you cannot claim a vanity URL just yet; however, if you had selected a vanity URL for your old Google Profile those have been grandfathered in to point to your current Google+ profile (here is an example of my own:

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Where the Heck is Local and Are You Going To Be At SES NY?

Since our announcement of our local platform and the few very rough beta demo’s we gave at PubCon we have had people inquiring about when our local platform is launching, what it is going to entail and how the heck they can get early access to it.

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KnowEm Introduces the “Essential Package”

Today KnowEm is proud to announce the new “Essential Package”, a selection of the 25 most popular social media sites. You can see the exact offering of sites on the purchase page by clicking the link underneath the package information.

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2011 Social Media Sites That Will Be Missed…

**Note** Please open this link and play in the background while reading this post. It will set the mood. As much as I have been hesitant in doing posts like this, because I really don’t like to help out the clones competition with cleaning up their databases, I figured I might as well for the […]

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KnowEm Launches USPTO Trademark Search and Registration Service

You talked, and we listened – today we launched a new service to make it even easier for brands to secure their online presence in one place, by adding a graphical USPTO Trademark Search and Registration service to ┬áIn our continuing hope to make KnowEm a one-stop-shop for all your business branding and marketing needs, we thought it was a natural extension of our service offerings to allow business and inidivuals the chance to trademark their brands.

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Tags: branding, domain search, KnowEm News, marketing, search trademarks, Social Media, trademark registration, uspto Welcomes Sarah Evans to our Advisory Board

KnowEm is happy to announce communications consultant and owner of Sevans Strategy Sarah Evans addition to our advisory board, lending her expertise on public relations, journalism and social media and sharing five tips on how to keep your identity safe on social media.

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KnowEm Turns 2 Years Old!

It seems like only yesterday I was up until 2 am making sure everything was ready for our launch. Myself and my partner, Barry Wise (@BarryWise), were about to launch our first product-related site. It was a far stretch from the affiliate sites and client consulting work we had done in the past but we both thought it would work.

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