KnowEm Social Media Site Additions June, 2018

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In all of our years of monitoring social media we have seen many sites come and go.  We’ve seen the sudden appearance and rise of Instagram, the decline and complete redesign of Myspace, the flirtation and fascination with Ello, and those are just some of the larger names we’ve witnessed enter and change the social media landscape.

Whether you signed up for our services last week or 5 years ago, our goal has been to continue adding sites to our database so that your experience and resources are always growing and improving.  In June, we proudly added many new social media platforms to our constantly growing list but we are going to draw attention to a few specific ones we feel offer a unique experience.

Smule LogoSmule – Smule is an exciting website and app that offers users the chance to take part in online karaoke.  Sing your favorite songs from various genres including rock, hip hop, country, pop and several more.  If you’re too nervous to sing, watch and enjoy as ordinary people deliver stunning renditions of some classic songs.  Smule is a great new addition to KnowEm for lovers of all kinds of music!

beeBee logobeBee – Over the past 3 years, beBee has become an impressive platform for professional collaboration. With over 12 million users, you’re almost certain to find people in your market and that share your interests with whom to network.  Share your content with millions of users and receive feedback and engage in discussion.  If you’re looking for an exciting new way to engage with people online beBee is sure to provide you a unique and exciting platform to do this.

Unsplash logoUnsplash – Boasting a collection of over 550,000 royalty free photos, Unsplash has a photo for every occasion.  Whether you’re writing a blog about social media, bees, international travel or classic cars, you’ll find stunning and lush images generously donated by photographers throughout the world that you can use under a free public license.  Sign up for your free account and start browsing for all of your photo needs.  We’re really excited about this addition to our collection of sites.

Michael Streko Sells KnowEm Shares; Steps Down as Active Partner

December 2, 2014 · Filed Under Announcements, KnowEm News · Comments Off on Michael Streko Sells KnowEm Shares; Steps Down as Active Partner partner and original co-founder Michael Streko has accepted a buyout offer to sell his active voting shares in the ownership of the company for an undisclosed sum. Per the terms of the agreement, Streko will still remain a minority shareholder with an interest in KnowEm and serve on the Advisory Board.

“As of today I am stepping down from my role at KnowEm as an active partner,” stated Streko in a farewell notice on his blog. “This has been an friendly agreement I made with the partners to pursue other options for me both professionally, and personally.”

KnowEm was founded in April, 2009 by Michael Streko and Barry Wise as a Social Media Branding professional services company as an extension of their free social media username check website. This past April KnowEm celebrated its 5th year in operation, a startup boot-strapped by the co-founders and profitable since the first day it launched.

“When we first launched it was nuts, and people thought we were nuts,” Streko stated. “But it was working and we had launched something that was gaining traction quickly. Watching this company grow and being a part of it was awesome and I would never give back a second of it.”

Some of Streko’s outstanding shares have been purchased by co-founder Barry Wise, also for an undisclosed sum. Wise will step into a leadership role at the company while Streko still retains the option to potentially both sell and promote KnowEm’s current and future service offerings. The arrangement does not disrupt or alter the ownership positions of any other shareholder, nor does it alter the Advisory Board save for the addition of Streko.

“To all the clients and friends I have made over the past 5+ years with KnowEm you have all been great and I hope to reconnect and work with you again one day. You’re still in great hands with Barry and the team. As always they have some cool stuff in the works that will continue to innovate the space.”

The KnowEm 2.0 ReLaunch

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If you haven’t been back to in a while, you’ll probably be surprised to see our new facelift!  We’ve completely redesigned the site, and have got a bunch of new features to show you.  But first, I’d like to mention some stories that were written about our new site launch today:

From TechCrunch: KnowEm Helps Businesses Stake Their Claim To Brands On Social Media Platforms

“There are increasing number of platforms in the social media landscape where businesses need to “stake their claim,” and engage with consumers. But it can be tough for brands to keep track of their Facebook pages, mentions on Digg, photos on Flickr, Tweets on Twitter and so on. Startup Knowem is launching a family of services that are designed to help both large companies and small businesses stake their brand claim in social media landscape and manage their presence on these sites.”…

From Mashable: KnowEm: Claim Your Identity Across Hundreds of Social Media Sites

“Having a consistent social identity is becoming increasingly important for users and businesses that engage in online communication. After all, people can associate you or your personal brand with your username.”…

Now about those new features …

One thing you’ll notice is a much more detailed user profile page.  Check out the pages for KnowEm co-founders Barry Wise and Michael Streko to see how you can use a personal profile to identify your presence on the social web.  You can use your personal profile to not only identify which social media profiles you control, but which ones you don’t (more about that in a later post).

For businesses, we offer another kind of profile – check out the profile page for KnowEm to see what it can offer.  Not only does it list Social Media profiles, it also catalogs all mentions of your brand on several social media mashups, as well as Google trending terms and Compete Statistics.

There are plenty more features we’d like to show you, so look forward to our next blog post when we discuss our new tracking and analysis system for social networks …