KnowEm Announces Domain Name Availability Checking

August 17, 2010 · Filed Under Announcements, KnowEm News · 2 Comments 

Today we are happy to announce that after a great many requests we have integrated a domain name search with our social media network username search.  This was a feature that we had talked about since launch and we are happy to finally be able to release it.

We also made a little interface change to our initial search page.  Rather then search our entire database of almost 500 social networks right from the start, we have limited the initial search to the top 20 social networks as well as the top 8 domain extensions. You will notice the tabs at the top which will take you into deeper searches of both, over 400 social media sites and over 40 different domain types.

Things have been very busy with everyone at team KnowEm.  So far our second year in business has been a very interesting one – from sending out a cease and desist to a company that copied our site right down the meta tags to hiring our 30th employee. We continue to grow and build the best set of tools for companies, individuals and brands to make sure they are secure on the social web.

We have another big announcement coming soon, so be sure to check back, become a fan on Facebook, or follow us on twitter so you will know when our next big announcement hits!

To your success,

Michael Streko & Barry Wise

KnowEm LLC