Video: How to Search for your Username on over 600 Social Networks

The second video in our three part series demonstrates how to do a simple username search on KnowEm for your brand, product or personal username on the over 600 Social Networks we currently monitor in our database.

Since our inception, KnowEm has always offered a free search for the availability of your brand or username on hundreds of Social Media sites. As we’ve grown, so has our database of social networks, and today we’re proud to announce that has reached over 600!

We think it’s pretty easy to use – just enter a potential username (this has to be a name without spaces or punctuation, since it is often used as a vanity URL on the social websites, such as and click “Check It“. The initial overview results page will show where your name is available on 25 of the most popular networks, and by clicking on the “Check Over 500 More Social Networks” button you can continue on to search the entire KnowEm database of 600 sites by category, for free.  When your name is found available on a site, we also offer the link to register it on that particular social network.

This initial results page will also show you the availability of that name on 15 top level domain extensions, with the option to search over a hundred more domains, and it will search the entire USPTO trademark database for that name’s availability.

Video: How to Create a Public Profile on KnowEm

June 15, 2012 · Filed Under Announcements, KnowEm News · Comments Off on Video: How to Create a Public Profile on KnowEm 

Today KnowEm is publishing an instructional video explaining how to create a free Public Profile membership on We decided to convert some of our most frequently asked questions into a video to help new users through the process of a signup.

For example, a lot of people have asked what is the best choice for a social media username; their personal name, or their brand. The answer is simple – it’s whatever you want to promote. If you’re a business, use your brand; if you’re a social personality, or simply use social media for personal use, then your real first and last name IS your brand and you should enter that. Using one strong username helps build brand continuity across the Social Web.

Another question which is commonly asked is how to add your social media profiles to your KnowEm Public Profile membership page so they are all linked in one central place, This video will show you how to claim username accounts you own, how to go out to different social networks and create new ones, and also how to identify those social networks where your brand or username has already been taken. Once complete, you can download all your profile links into one Excel File (also available in Print-Friendly and RSS formats). Anytime you want you can come back to KnowEm to add more profiles and download another report!

If you have any other questions which haven’t been covered in this video, please feel free to contact KnoweEm Support.