Marketer’s Guide To Managing Multiple Social Media Personas

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I have been working as a marketer for various brands (including my own) for almost a decade now. During that time I couldn’t count how many social profiles and pages I have either managed, or created and maintained. But it would have to be well into the hundreds, and currently I have dozens under my control in either full or part.

It is a big part of my livelihood, and I love it. Social media is a huge part of my life.

That being said, it is a very complicated balancing act. Every brand’s page has its own personality and tone. As the manager of that page, it is my job to maintain that tone for each one, while following the marketing strategy unique to the company and platform.

The more brands I am covering at any given time, the harder this can be.

In other words, I get the stress and challenges of managing multiple social media personas. Even if you are only managing a single brand, it can be difficult to keep your head above water and keep from making mistakes.

Here are some tips to help you.

Keep All Logins In One Place

This is probably my biggest tip because keeping track of login information for multiple accounts is the most frustrating part of social marketing for several pages. So having a password manager is pretty much a must, and features will dictate which one is best for you.

If you are going to be sharing passwords with multiple users or clients, and want to do so securely, I would recommend Passpack. You may have to shell out for the premium version if you have several people to share with, but it is cheap enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.


For a simple database with a master key, try KeePass. It is super bare bones, but a well maintained encryption password manager that is also open source. We should all be supporting open source projects whenever we can.

To get passwords, auto login, and device syncing, go with LastPass. It lets you quickly sign into any account, including multiple accounts on the same platform, and it is super easy to use.

Have The Right Platform For Keeping Track

If you are on a smaller budget, or you are paying for it out-of-pocket, you need an alternative. I would personally recommend Cyfe, which is a free all in one dashboard that allows you to create widgets for different purposes.


One of those is social media interaction and marketing. If you want more features, just pay for their premium, which costs just $19 per month ($14, if you pay for a year).

There are also a few social media managers that support multiple accounts. Here’s a good comparison of major players. There are also a few Firefox plugins I am using (Yes, I am still on Firefox!)

Never Try To Monitor Several Pages At Once

You may be thinking that you just have to carve out a period of time during your day to work on all social media profiles. So you will jump from one to another, making updates and speaking to followers, giving a little time to each. This is a big mistake, and one I – like many others – have learned the hard way.

It is really easy to accidentally post to the wrong account. Sometimes that is a minor issue, and one you catch quickly without anyone really noticing or caring. Other times it can be a PR disaster. For example, US Airways once had a marketer on their Twitter account post a pornographic image. They almost immediately deleted it, but the damage was done. It has become one of the most notorious mistakes in Twitter history.

Schedule specific blocks of time to work on each account, and give yourself a small break between those blocks to allow for you to get into the voice of each persona. It will help you match the tone of the brand better, and also reduce humiliating mistakes. DirJournal has a great guide on managing your time effectively for more organized social media marketing.

Consider What Network Is Really Important, and Prioritize It

Not every platform you market on is going to be that beneficial. For instance, one of my brand’s I work for has a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram account. Guess how many of those have ever successfully drawn in engagement? One… Twitter is the only one that is active, and the others have struggles for any results regardless of the campaigns myself and other marketers before me have tried.

Instead of managing all on the same level, I put 75% of my time and energy into Twitter. That is where their audience is, so that is where I go. I still manage the others, but I split the remaining 25% of effort among them, in order of use. Google+ and Pinterest get next to no love, so most of that remaining time is spent on Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t be afraid to let some pages fall to the wayside.

How To Resell KnowEm Via Affiliate Marketing

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Since I come from a background of affiliate marketing I am often asked, “What are some of the best ways an affiliate could market KnowEm’s services if he/she were a blogger or had a mailing list?” So I decided to lay out some suggestions and ideas of different ways that to help our affiliates sell KnowEm’s services. To begin with, KnowEm’s affiliate program is ran on ShareASale (you can sign up for affiliate program here). Once you are approved (which happens very quickly) just log in and check out some of the creative we have available.   Here are a few examples…

KnowEm Animated Banner

KnowEm Affiliate Banner

Having banners on your site will work at times, but some tactics that we have seen work well have to deal with diving a little bit deeper into ShareASale’s offerings.  Creating custom links to pages to show your readers or users the value of the service is one of the most powerful tools our affiliates have used to help them convert better. Here is a quick and easy guide to building out these links.

When you’re on the KnowEm affiliate program page, click the following link (highlighted in yellow below):

Making KnowEm Custom Links part 1

This link will bring you to a page which will give you different options of ways to promote the service, all of which give you the direct HTML code to insert into your site, be it Text, Banners, Coupons or Creating a custom Link – which is what what I am going to demonstrate now.  Click the tab called “Create Custom Link” (highlighted in yellow below):

Custom KnowEm Affiliate Link

Here is a custom link which will show my personal KnowEm public profile page…

Public Profile Link

To create this link I just copy and pasted my profile URL page into the destination URL box, then I decided I wanted to see how many people click this link, so I added a tracking code.  I can not stress this enough, always add custom tracking codes to everything.  This will show you what is converting the best on your site.  Whether it’s banner or text, you will always want to push the better converting link as much as possible, for obvious reasons. 😉

Creating a public profile on KnowEm is free and it can be used as a powerful sales tool. You can easily show people how to set it up and start claiming which social media profiles belong to them.  If you have not done this already we have a great video showing how easy it is to setup. Feel free to embed that Youtube video on your site if you feel it would help your user base out.

The final option is to create a “License Plate” link this is also known as a shortened URL – these are great if you do not want to show a long, strange looking URL when someone mouses over any of your affiliate links.

So a custom link to your profile page will be a great way to show your readers how to claim their stake on what social media sites are theirs, but it will also show them just how much work it is to claim 300+ social media sites, which of course explains the value of our service. This is where the upsell will occur — if they do not have the time to fill out all of these profiles, then we are here to do it for them.

Another great custom link to generate is a link right to a search of your blog’s name…

Username Search Custom Link

All you have to do to create this custom link is go to the home page of our site and simply do a name search.  Take the URL in your browser bar and put it into the custom domain box and anyone that clicks the link will be able to check out what your social status is.  This will encourage your visitor to search their own name and see the availability, once again encouraging them to protect their brand across hundreds of social media networks.

So there are a few ideas and some good ways that we have seen affiliates become successful with our program. As always if you have any questions never hesitate to contact our support team.

Our affiliate program is one great solution to reselling our products and services, but if you are an agency and require a centralized dashboard to control all of your clients’ accounts from one location, then you should inquire about our Enterprise Dashboard. This solution can also be private/white labeled so that you can provide your own branded dashboard for your clients.  This way each client can  login with their own account to see what social media sites they have been registered on, run checks of trademarks and also be alerted anytime their brand is mentioned on social media networks, blogs, forums, news outlets and much, much more.  If you haven’t already contacted us please do and we’d be happy to setup a demonstration for you!

Do I Really Need To Reserve My Name On Hundreds Of Social Media Sites?

One of the more common questions we get asked at KnowEm from customers and prospective clients is  “Why do we need to worry about all these social networks? I haven’t even heard of half of them; why do they even matter and how do they help my brand?”

Our response is simple.  No one knows when the next twitter, facebook, or foursquare is going to burst onto the Social Media scene and capture massive traffic growth.  I will never forget a phone call I had with one of our clients where I was going over all the new social media networks where we had reserved his brand name.  He specifically asked a question about a small little site called “Pinterest” — his exact words to me were “Why should we care about this site, it seems pointless! I doubt it will take off  and it feels like a waste of a signup.”

This phone conversation happened around the middle of June back in 2011. That was a little before the massive traffic explosion Pinterest experienced on its meteoric rise to become the major new contender in social media business marketing that it is today.  You can see the timeline of its growth on the compete graph below:


Pinterest is a perfect example of a social media site whose traffic blew up after we were already able to make sure our current clients’ trademarks were reserved on the site. Here’s one explanation I always like to give to clients when they inquire about these brand new social startups where their brand or username has been reserved. “If I told you 6 years ago that a site consisting of 140 characters of text would be in the top 10 most visited sites internationally, used by the fortune 100 (and just about everyone else) for customer support and major marketing campaigns, would you believe me?”  The answer is most commonly “No,” of course, because who could have predicted the Twitter revolution?  Well, except for the occasional know-it-all social media expert guru ninja master that is on the call and knows everything about social media and has 30k followers on twitter – but follows double that.

At KnowEm we realize not every player in the social media race is going to take off like the lucky ones, but that’s why we track so many (just about 600 right now).  There is a good chance you might never use some of the accounts that you’re signed up on. But are you ready to take the risk of not reserving your trademarked brand, product or username on the next Twitter?

Here’s another not uncommon example of a similar case study:  An unscrupulous competitor decided to target a well-known brand name on a new Latin social media network which was young enough to be under the radar for most people.   Using black hat SEO techniques they were able to get this site ranking for a variety of competitive terms that probably made them a lot of money selling counterfeit medication:

percocet ranking

If you notice the third result down,  (translated, “The Shaker”) is a simple community / blogging related site where someone was able to reserve and claim the name “Percocet®” before the brand holder was aware the network even existed.  Doing some simple link building, the black hat was able to get it to rank for 7 or 8 different terms that we found, all of which were ranking in the top 5. (Hey Endo Pharmaceuticals, talk to us, we can help!).

The moral of the story, and the value in a service like KnowEm, is that no one can predict when the next big twitter, facebook or pinterest is going to hit.  So why not be safe than sorry?  It is much easier, cheaper and faster to preemptively claim a name than to bring in the legal team and try to reclaim it.

Sometimes it’s simply too late. We have new customer inquires every day from those that didn’t jump on the twitter bandwagon in time and now can’t reclaim their brand names on twitter even with legal help.  If the person who owns the twitter handle of a known brand or trademark clearly states that they are not related to the company and doesn’t tweet as the company – there is nothing the trademark holder can do (short of bribing the squatter or paying them off).  One of my favorite sodas, “Fanta®,” is a perfect example of this.  A person claimed the registered trademark on twitter before the actual company did (Coca-Cola®) and has followed the twitter guidelines to the letter.  As a result, Coca-Cola is unable to retrieve the name as long as the twitter member doesn’t attempt to represent Coca-Cola® or Fanta® in any way shape or form:

Fanta Twitter Account

Is your brand secure?  Does your brand run the risk of having someone take your name or intellectual property on a social media site? These are some serious questions you need to ask  before you decide the best plan of action for you to take to insure the safety of your brand. If you have a product that runs a high risk of counterfeit, registering your brand using one of our brand protection packages might just not be enough, and that’s why we strongly suggest also using our monthly brand protection service, where our team will continue to register your name on all new and emerging social media sites that we find.

This is the reason why we built out our enterprise dashboard — A centralized location where you can view, monitor and  manage all of your trademarks, brands, products and usernames on various social media networks.  If you would like a webex demonstration of the product and other services that KnowEm offers feel free to contact us.


KnowEm Launches USPTO Trademark Search and Registration Service

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Trademark Search and RegistrationYou talked, and we listened – today we launched a new service to make it even easier for brands to secure their online presence in one place, by adding a graphical USPTO Trademark Search and Registration service to  In our continuing hope to make KnowEm a one-stop-shop for all your business branding and marketing needs, we thought it was a natural extension of our service offerings to allow business and inidivuals the chance to trademark their brands.

Attempting to navigate the USPTO trademark registration process is a headache – anyone who’s ever tried it will tell who how much time and effort it takes.  Even searching the USPTO government website for a mark can be difficult – so we wanted to make both processes easier for the brand owner.  Our trademark search is uniquely simple – just enter a brand name, and we’ll show you if it’s available for registration or if someone has already trademarked it.  If it is available, for only $158 (plus the standard $325 USPTO Filing Fee) our partner TMarque will put their professional attorneys to work for you, saving you hours of time and effort wrangling with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

With the addition of our Trademark search and registration, KnowEm now offers a complete suite of branding tools – including our Domain name search and registration service along with our original Social Media username search and registration service.  So if you have a brand you want to secure and keep consistent on the web, all you have to do is visit  We’ll secure your brand name on up to 300 Social Media sites, any Domain extensions you want (over 150 to choose from), and now we’ll even trademark your brand for you.  We think that’s pretty easy, but if we can make it any easier for you, just let us know — we’re still listening!