Why Would You Want Your Brand Name Registered On 120 Social Media Sites?

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The Washington PostLately I’ve noticed a lot of people are asking this question about the KnowEm Username Check service. KnowEm was recently reviewed by a columnist in the Washington Post (he did a good job; the article is worth reading), and several users’ responses to the article raise this very question.

Some people commented that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are a waste of time — “a huge time sink“. Some actual business owners posted that they have never created an account on any of these sites and never will. Many others stated they have never heard of most of the websites, and don’t understand the point behind them.

That’s where KnowEm comes in. Just because you don’t know every social media site doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t want to protect your brand name on it. You probably never heard of Twitter a year ago, but today there’s a mad race for every company to secure their @BrandName on Twitter. And for good reason; you don’t want someone else to get it first (by the way, you can also visit @knowem on Twitter).

Unless you’ve got an internet marketing staff working with you, you may not think you can keep up to date on all 120 sites which we register you with. That’s OK, because the important point to remember is that with KnowEm you are reserving your brand name, protecting it from someone else registering it. It’s not going anywhere. When you’re ready to start working with a different site, it will be there waiting for you. Convenient, isn’t it? That’s what our service is all about 😉

The KnowEm.com Launch: The First 48 Hours

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It’s been a couple of extremely hectic and busy days since we launched on Monday morning. Our press release got some great exposure, and some really great bloggers wrote some outstanding reviews about our site. I was interviewed by Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal (thanks, Loren!), and we made the home page of KillerStartups (don’t be too shy to vote for us!). By the end of the day on Monday we were in top popular spots on both Alexa and Delicious. But the traffic really picked up yesterday when Josh at Cnet did a write up on us – and then we hit the home page of Digg!

KnowEm on the front page of Digg

We scrambled to handle the server load – even though we knew from past launches, especially with CheckUserNames (the original site before we called it KnowEm), that server traffic will spike with a popular story. What we didn’t expect was the traffic that achieving the #1 spot on Digg would send to the server – the database was handling hundreds of concurrent connections every second! We had some intermittent outages for about 5 to 10 minutes, but I was able to quickly adjust the server configuration to handle the massive traffic.

Of course, I couldn’t talk about our success without talking about the number of Twitterers who really helped us out by retweeting the stories. It was a pleasure and an honor to see the likes of @chrisbrogan, @the_gman, @mashable, @briansolis, @BrentCsutoras and everyone else for retweeting us and talking about our service.

I would especially like to thank all the customers of our automated signup service that have sent orders in, and are continuing to do so at a great pace! We’ve got more than enough resources to handle everyone’s order, and many have already been completed. While we predicted there might be a 1 to 5 business day turnaround on orders, we have been able to keep that within the 1 to 3 day range so far.

I’d like to extend one more thank you to the hundreds of users who are creating user profiles on KnowEm. We’ve got some pretty big plans for our user community, so register and secure your username now while we’re just starting out before someone else gets it.

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