KnowEm Turns 2 Years Old!

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It seems like only yesterday I was up until 2 am making sure everything was ready for our launch. Myself and my partner, Barry Wise (@BarryWise), were about to launch our first product-related site.  It was a far stretch from the affiliate sites and client consulting work we had done in the past but we both thought it would work.

KnowEm was originally born from an off shoot of our site which launched in February of 2009 after the original concept site by Jon Sykes was taken down. I was at IM Springbreak in Florida when I began to speak about the service of KnowEm and what we planned to do with a few other marketers.  One of the first people I spoke to was Brian Chappell (@BrianChappell).  When I told him what we were debating to do with username signups he thought it was a great idea, as did everyone else I spoke with.  We started development right away.

Partnerships and New Features

I have always believed that products need to evolve and adapt to keep fresh, new and useful. With that in mind it’s with great pleasure I announce a new feature that we are launching today:  Domain searching on over 200 tlds and gtlds, thanks to our new partnership with United Domains.  Now with one simple search you can look at over 200 domain names and social media usernames, all from one interface.

Where to Next?

Our company is at a bit of a turning point.  We have two more products on the burner for launch and are looking forward to releasing them to the public shortly. To give you an idea, we have always received the same request over and over again, “Now that I have all these social sites, how can I update them all?”  We are working on a dashboard solution to solve this problem, as well as a first-of-its-kind dashboard for businesses or agencies with small business clients to manage their local search information, social media presence and reputation from one centralized place.   As always both of these platforms will be available for white label.

Often Imitated Never Duplicated

We are still proud to be considered the number one trusted source for helping individuals, brands and companies secure their username across the ever growing social media landscape. We are still the only company that uses our own in-house on-shore staff to do this. Security and quality has always been our main focus.

On behalf of Myself, Barry, Richard, James and everyone else – thanks for a great 2 years and here is to exciting times ahead!


New Dashboard from KnowEm Helps Protect Against Brandjacking in the Social Web

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Early adopters such as Continental Airlines, Yahoo, and Flickr have been using the service during an invitation-only beta to stake out their IP on more than 5,000 social sites around the world

KnowEm, the company working to help brands manage their identity across the social web, announced the public launch of a new Enterprise Dashboard designed to help brands protect their trademarks and intellectual property in the ever-changing social media landscape.

The dashboard gives social media and IP legal teams a centralized location to monitor and manage their social media identities. With just a few clicks a marketing manager or lawyer can see exactly where a certain trademark or name is secured, and where it’s still unclaimed and vulnerable. KnowEm takes the process a step farther by automatically securing names, even creating profiles, wherever needed.

KnowEm’s database contains over 5,000 social networks around the world  — from Mexico Diario to the Netherlands’ Hyves — and is growing on a daily basis as new social sites emerge. As a result, businesses can be sure their trademarked terms are reserved and protected in global sites today and tomorrow.

The enterprise dashboard was previously available in a limited invitation-only beta, during which time KnowEm collaborated with key clients, including Continental Airlines, Yahoo, and Flickr. For example, Continental has been using the dashboard to protect their brand trademarks and reserve their profiles on emerging social networks.

“While Twitter and Facebook are obvious places to check your brand identity, globally much of the social web is unchartered territory. It’s critical that we control our trademarked terms and brand identities throughout each network,” said Lora O’Riordan, Social Media Manager at Continental Airlines. “KnowEm’s service has become an important part of our social media strategy, ensuring we protect our property and opening our eyes to new opportunities for consumer engagement.”

In addition, the new dashboard enables brands to stay on top of the buzz surrounding their brand and industry on the social web. KnowEm’s brand alert monitoring system tracks each mention of a brand name, username, or keyword across 5,000+ social networks. The service breaks down the data into meaningful charts, such as social mentions by network, author, or geographic location, and reports can be emailed on a weekly, daily, or almost hourly basis. As a result, businesses can better understand who’s talking about their brand, where, and when.

To date the KnowEm team has helped to reserve over 500,000 profiles and reported back to clients on over 60,000 issues of squatting and misrepresentation of a brand, username or trademarked term.

The KnowEm 2.0 ReLaunch

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If you haven’t been back to in a while, you’ll probably be surprised to see our new facelift!  We’ve completely redesigned the site, and have got a bunch of new features to show you.  But first, I’d like to mention some stories that were written about our new site launch today:

From TechCrunch: KnowEm Helps Businesses Stake Their Claim To Brands On Social Media Platforms

“There are increasing number of platforms in the social media landscape where businesses need to “stake their claim,” and engage with consumers. But it can be tough for brands to keep track of their Facebook pages, mentions on Digg, photos on Flickr, Tweets on Twitter and so on. Startup Knowem is launching a family of services that are designed to help both large companies and small businesses stake their brand claim in social media landscape and manage their presence on these sites.”…

From Mashable: KnowEm: Claim Your Identity Across Hundreds of Social Media Sites

“Having a consistent social identity is becoming increasingly important for users and businesses that engage in online communication. After all, people can associate you or your personal brand with your username.”…

Now about those new features …

One thing you’ll notice is a much more detailed user profile page.  Check out the pages for KnowEm co-founders Barry Wise and Michael Streko to see how you can use a personal profile to identify your presence on the social web.  You can use your personal profile to not only identify which social media profiles you control, but which ones you don’t (more about that in a later post).

For businesses, we offer another kind of profile – check out the profile page for KnowEm to see what it can offer.  Not only does it list Social Media profiles, it also catalogs all mentions of your brand on several social media mashups, as well as Google trending terms and Compete Statistics.

There are plenty more features we’d like to show you, so look forward to our next blog post when we discuss our new tracking and analysis system for social networks …