How to Partner with KnowEm: Affiliate, White Label, API or Re-seller?

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Affiliate Marketing InfoEvery day we get multiple requests from people wishing to become a member of our affiliate program, or to white label our Enterprise Dashboard. So to help everyone out, I decided to take the time to write a description of each in the hope that it would help you decide what would be the best way to resell KnowEm to your current client base, readers/followers or potential clients.

Affiliate Re-seller WhiteLabel API
Free Setup
Requires a minimum number of orders to be placed initially
Requires a programmer/developer
Requires a Designer
Best for Emails, Banners & Text Links
Requires you to have an existing customer login/dashboard system
Setup time Minutes Minutes 24 to 48 hours 2 to 4 days

Affiliate Program: Our affiliate program pays a fixed commission rate for each sale. This program is perfect for people who blog about Social Media services such as KnowEm, or mention KnowEm in an eBook or want to advertise the KnowEm suite of services via banners or text link ads. We often run specials for our affiliates with bonuses on commissions as well as exclusive deals to help them generate traffic via their affiliate link.  KnowEm’s affiliate program is run by the good people over at Share-A-Sale.  Share-A-Sale has one of the most respected affiliate management platforms in the marketing world and we are happy to have our program exclusively listed through them.

Re-Seller Dashboard: The KnowEm Professional Enterprise Dashboard can also be used by re-sellers looking to offer our services to their clients in a more affordable, quick and easy way.  It is best used for clients that are looking to have one centralized location for all of their social media personas in one place. We offer a robust reporting system of social networks where your name has been reserved across various social media sites as well as where your name has been taken. This dashboard also offers some unique features that are not available to our regular retail clients.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule a demo feel free to contact us or call 1-800-691-KNOW.

White Label: A white label is perfect for agencies or organizations that would like to have their clients have their own individual logins to the KnowEm platform. A white label offers all of the features available on the KnowEm Enterprise Dashboard, but it is branded to look exactly like your website, from logo to color scheme. The white label is perfect for partners who want to resell the KnowEm suite of services — this includes our alerts platform, username registrations, trademark searching and registration as well as some other great features.  For more information and pricing on a white labeled version of our platform please feel free to contact us and schedule a demo.

API: Companies with developers that are looking to completely integrate the KnowEm suite of tools into their own existing client dashboard system can request access to KnowEm’s API (we offer sample code in PHP, but it can consumed via any language – Ruby, Python, .NET, etc).  This is perfect for customers that are looking to include our product offerings on their dashboards or current client portal and have their own development staff that can program the API into their system.  KnowEm has RESTful APIs which allow you to check usernames, place orders with us, review any order placed with us and export just about any of that information via XML or JSON into any number of formats.  To discuss these options and determine if you qualify to be a KnowEm API partner please feel free to contact us or call 1-800-691-KNOW. (Please note, all application API requests are screened and a mutually agreed terms of service are required to protect both  KnowEm and the API partner).

We hope this helps you decide what is the best way to work with the team at KnowEm.  We always have new features launching and have built this suite of tools by listening to the needs of our clients and potential clients; so we are always open to suggestions on how to better our services and/or tailor them to your needs.  We always look forward to new opportunities and working with new partners!

How To Resell KnowEm Via Affiliate Marketing

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Since I come from a background of affiliate marketing I am often asked, “What are some of the best ways an affiliate could market KnowEm’s services if he/she were a blogger or had a mailing list?” So I decided to lay out some suggestions and ideas of different ways that to help our affiliates sell KnowEm’s services. To begin with, KnowEm’s affiliate program is ran on ShareASale (you can sign up for affiliate program here). Once you are approved (which happens very quickly) just log in and check out some of the creative we have available.   Here are a few examples…

KnowEm Animated Banner

KnowEm Affiliate Banner

Having banners on your site will work at times, but some tactics that we have seen work well have to deal with diving a little bit deeper into ShareASale’s offerings.  Creating custom links to pages to show your readers or users the value of the service is one of the most powerful tools our affiliates have used to help them convert better. Here is a quick and easy guide to building out these links.

When you’re on the KnowEm affiliate program page, click the following link (highlighted in yellow below):

Making KnowEm Custom Links part 1

This link will bring you to a page which will give you different options of ways to promote the service, all of which give you the direct HTML code to insert into your site, be it Text, Banners, Coupons or Creating a custom Link – which is what what I am going to demonstrate now.  Click the tab called “Create Custom Link” (highlighted in yellow below):

Custom KnowEm Affiliate Link

Here is a custom link which will show my personal KnowEm public profile page…

Public Profile Link

To create this link I just copy and pasted my profile URL page into the destination URL box, then I decided I wanted to see how many people click this link, so I added a tracking code.  I can not stress this enough, always add custom tracking codes to everything.  This will show you what is converting the best on your site.  Whether it’s banner or text, you will always want to push the better converting link as much as possible, for obvious reasons. 😉

Creating a public profile on KnowEm is free and it can be used as a powerful sales tool. You can easily show people how to set it up and start claiming which social media profiles belong to them.  If you have not done this already we have a great video showing how easy it is to setup. Feel free to embed that Youtube video on your site if you feel it would help your user base out.

The final option is to create a “License Plate” link this is also known as a shortened URL – these are great if you do not want to show a long, strange looking URL when someone mouses over any of your affiliate links.

So a custom link to your profile page will be a great way to show your readers how to claim their stake on what social media sites are theirs, but it will also show them just how much work it is to claim 300+ social media sites, which of course explains the value of our service. This is where the upsell will occur — if they do not have the time to fill out all of these profiles, then we are here to do it for them.

Another great custom link to generate is a link right to a search of your blog’s name…

Username Search Custom Link

All you have to do to create this custom link is go to the home page of our site and simply do a name search.  Take the URL in your browser bar and put it into the custom domain box and anyone that clicks the link will be able to check out what your social status is.  This will encourage your visitor to search their own name and see the availability, once again encouraging them to protect their brand across hundreds of social media networks.

So there are a few ideas and some good ways that we have seen affiliates become successful with our program. As always if you have any questions never hesitate to contact our support team.

Our affiliate program is one great solution to reselling our products and services, but if you are an agency and require a centralized dashboard to control all of your clients’ accounts from one location, then you should inquire about our Enterprise Dashboard. This solution can also be private/white labeled so that you can provide your own branded dashboard for your clients.  This way each client can  login with their own account to see what social media sites they have been registered on, run checks of trademarks and also be alerted anytime their brand is mentioned on social media networks, blogs, forums, news outlets and much, much more.  If you haven’t already contacted us please do and we’d be happy to setup a demonstration for you!