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Lance Wallach, Managing Director, is the nation's leading expert on employee benefit plans, tax problem resolution
and IRS audits defense. Mr. Wallach's team of highly experienced tax attorneys, CPAs and ex IRS agents have helped his clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars by successfully defending them in lawsuits & IRS audits.

If you signed a return or participated in the sale of these plans, you are probably a material advisor and subject to huge IRS fines. None of the protective filings we have reviewed for new clients have been properly prepared which leaves the material advisor subject to the $200,000 IRS penalty.

We can help you fight the IRS audit regarding
419(e), 412(i), 419A(f)(6) benefit plans.


419, 419e, Auditing, expert witness, irs audits, irs penalties, listed transactions, material advisers, material advisors, offer in compromise, tax shelters, welfare benefit plans


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