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Started with a simple social login provider in 2012 to a multi-faceted, industry-leading cloud based Customer Identity and Access Management (cIAM) platform provider, LoginRadius is trusted by over 3000 businesses worldwide. Currently serving over 150,000 web and mobile apps with a monthly reach of 400+ million users, LoginRadius is named as one of the top cIAM vendors by Gartner, ComputerWeekly and Forrester. Headquartered in Vancouver, LoginRadius helps businesses offer connected digital experience by building unified customer profiles and integrated marketing ecosystem to manage customer identities. The major products by LoginRadius include social login, customer registration service, single sign-on, profile storage/management, customer insights along with feature of third party integra


cIAM platform, cloud identity management, Customer identity management, customer profiling, phone authentication, Single Sign On, social login, sso, two factor authentication, user profiling, web sso


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