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Bible Answers is a Christian Apologetics website that is dedicated to providing you quality, up-to-date information on cults like the LDS & JW’s; False religions like Islam and Hinduism; Atheism, Evolution vs. Creation, Abortion, commonly asked questions about bible doctrine, bible difficulties, and so on.

Whether your interest is Theology or apologetics, if you love the Bible or disagree with it, if you work for planned parenthood, or you’re pro life, our website is for you! We are updating our site with new articles and subject areas every day. If you have a question you would like an answer for and we don’t already have it posted we’d love you to click on the “Contact us” page and just ask!


Abortion, atheist, creation, doctrine, Evolution, Human evolution, Islam, Muslim, planned parenthood, pro life, religion, The Bible, Theology

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