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Inspired by groups such diverse artists as Led Zeppelin, Paramore and Stone Temple Pilots, Kicking Daisies draws from a wide variety of influences to create a sound that is truly unique. You need to experience Kicking Daisies live to know what they are really about. They’ve been said to be, “prodigies” but what they really are, are great musicians, songwriters and performers regardless of age. Lead singer Duran Visek 14, has the presence, charisma and good looks of a great frontman. However it's his strong and emotional vocals , as well as his multi-instrumental abilities that make him a uniquely special talent. On lead guitar, 12 year old Ben Spremulli explodes with the sound and style of a seasoned pro and future guitar hero. His virtuosity is undeniable and his stage presence is powerful. Like all great bands, it’s the rhythm section that provides the foundation and cohesiveness needed for a band to be great and Kicking Daisies is no exception. 13 Year old Carly Kalafus on bass provides a solid bottom on which all the music can rest. Along with bass, she brings songwriting, vocals and great piano chops to the group. Drummer Caitlin Kalafus is as good as they get. At just 16, Caitlin has already been performing for years and she currently holds the title of "worlds fastest female drummer". Her ability to write, sing and play many instruments gives her great insight into creating the perfect groove for every song. Her timing is impeccable and her technique is far beyond her years. Kicking Daisies pulls influences from the past but they are clearly going to be a huge part of the future of music, setting a new path that blends riff driven Rock with the best pop rock vocal harmonies to create a sound that fills you with that " i've just heard something amazing" feeling.


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