ABOUT, a Clark County-focused daily deals site founded in September 2011 and offers the best daily deals, discounts and perks to its’ members. PerkSavvy staff scours “The Couve” for the most interesting restaurants, activities and experiences, negotiating discounts of up to 50% or more, for members and delivers them via email and social networks daily for free.

PerkSavvy comes from a combination of Perk (a. to become lively, cheerful, or vigourous; b. a benefit) and Savvy (a. well informed and perceptive). PerkSavvy: To receive the benefits (perks) from being well informed, leaving you feeling lively and invigorated! So, whatever you do, keep it it in “The Couve!” Are you PerkSavvy? Sign up for the Daily Perk at (link removed)

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