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For individuals and brands serious about their consistent and secure presence on Social Media, KnowEm has invented a very unique service process for Social Media Branding and Profile Creation.

You provide us with your profile information once, and our staff of Social Media specialists will create accounts for you on up to 300 social networks at once. Not only does this save an immense amount of your time and labor in answering 300 validation emails, uploading 300 logos, and completing 300 forms, but it performs the very time-sensitive task of securing your business, brand, product or personal name on all of these social networks before someone else does.

Just like you want to search for your brand name's availability with "dot com" so you can secure your domain name before it's gone, many people don't realize Social Media works the same way - every social network only offers unique usernames - once they're gone, it's too late.

But unlike domain registration, there is no central administration service which controls the naming rights on all of these hundreds of social networks. If you already possess the trademark or legal right to a username but it's taken, you'd have to contact each and every social networks' owner, individually with a legal cease and desist or DMCA takedown notice to try and recover it.

That's where the KnowEm service can assist - our brand protection service (and optional ongoing monthly subscription service) secures your name so that you don't have to worry about social media identity theft. We can secure your name now, before someone else does.

Basic PlanFor a single person Branding and Agency PlansFor companies committed to Social Media Marketing
Plan type Personal Essential Business Starter Corporate Starter Corporate Complete
Usernames 1 + alternate 1 + alternate 1 + alternate 1 + alternate
Social Profiles 25 profiles (complete signups) 100 profiles (complete signups) 150 profiles (complete signups) 300 profiles (complete signups)
KnowEm Profile Included (completed by our staff) Included (completed by our staff) Included (completed by our staff) Included (completed by our staff)
Price $84.95 $59.95 Brand Protection optional* $249 $59.95 Brand Protection optional* $349 $59.95 Brand Protection optional* $649 $59.95 Brand Protection optional*
KnowEm currently accepts all payments through the industry recognized e-commerce leader PayPal.

Yes, we do offer Bulk/Volume discount pricing! If you have 10 or more brands or names to register, please contact us for discounted pricing.

* Essential, Business, Corporate and Enterprise customers have the option to subscribe to KnowEm's ongoing Brand Protection Program. For only $59.95, KnowEm will complete 20 additional full profile creations on new and popular emerging social networks each month.
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