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After graduating from one of the finest schools of photography in the world, the Brooks Institute of Photography, I worked for many years honing my skills as an assistant for top architectural and interior photographers. They include Erhard Pfeiffer and Mary Nichols. I also had the very good fortune to work briefly assisting East Coast-based Robert Miller. From him I learned my art.

I have worked on photo shoots all over the world, and images I have been involved in creating have regularly appeared in world-class magazines such as “Architectural Digest”

Now I’m working exclusively on my own projects. Please look at my portfolio to see samples of my images captured for my clients from the Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels, the Pan Pacific Hotels, HBA Design, and many other talented designers, arcitectects, and restaurant owners.

My photography reflects my philosophy of lighting. Lighting techniques have to capture the tiny nuances of textures in all the architectural spaces before me. Lighting has to balance the mystery of light and shadow to create a powerful image. With every picture I compose, I want the viewer to walk away with a deep emotional response. Lighting is like a symphony. Each object has its own unique tone and reflects in harmony and blends into a treasure that is the final image. Lighting is the creative driving force in my heart and work. The dramatic use of light and composition ultimately becomes the foremost intrinsic element in achieving my goals and satisfying the needs of clients.

The main point is all about me putting my true feelings into every picture I create. If my photographs inspire you, I would love to meet with you and talk. It would be my pleasure and privilege. I see my work as a collaborative effort in spirit between the client and myself "the photographer"


Stephen Allard


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