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Paul Terry



I was in tech in Austin before tech was cool. I worked for the first publicly traded software company, BPI Systems. I had a huge run at Sematech as head of PC support and have worked at dozens of startups and tech companies in the 80s, 90s, 00s, and currently focusing on, and I am working on holistic housing solutions in a community setting. We are building homes, both stick frame and cargo container based, that are energy efficient, "smart", connected and optimized for work and play. We have 15 acres about a half an hour East of downtown Austin where you can build your own "tiny house" or regular sized or super sized home or live in "bunkhouse" style setting.


Basketball, Blogging, building, cycling, fitness, health, photography, politics, robots, science, spirituality, Steam, swimming, tech, texas, Twitter, video, walking,


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