If a rapper and a violinist had a baby, that baby would be
Tha Street Stringa™
The music that child would create would be known as
R&V™ (Rap & Violin/Rhythm & Violin)
Equal parts rap entertainer and improvisational violinist, Tha Street Stringa weaves rap, song, spoken word and playing together in a way only a few greats have done. She’s in good company with the likes of Prince, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Jamie Foxx and B.o.B as artists who both play AND perform " & are respected for both.
As a female entertainer, Tha Street Stringa possesses both the strength of Tha Streets and the femininity of the violin. Her music and live shows (with all-female band) are exciting, provocative, intelligent, articulate, funny, hype, energetic, fun, & interactive. 855-88-STREET.


black violin, daniel d, emaily wells, hip hop violin, jazz violin, karen briggs, lindsey stirling, miri ben ari, nuttin but stringz, paul dateh, regina carter, street stringa,


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