For over a decade, Tanya Hutchens represented women affected by domestic assault in Canadian court as the Paralegal Litigator and President of Gold Star Legal Services. Throughout her professional career, Tanya Hutchens offered support to these individuals in their quest to prosecute and break free from their transgressors. Tanya Hutchens brought hundreds of cases to court and helped battered women gain custody of their children while placing restraining orders on their violent husbands and boyfriends. Appealing to the Ontario Court, Tanya Hutchens took on cases involving occupants in women's shelters and brought justice for her clients in time sensitive family law matters.

Today, Tanya Hutchens strives to stop the cycle of domestic violence through several charitable efforts. Tanya Hutchens encourages women in her community to be strong and take action against abusers and abusive relationships. Gaining physical strength can be an influential tool for women who no longer want to see themselves as victims, so Tanya Hutchens puts her tae-kwan-do training to good use. Tanya Hutchens possesses a Master with a level two black belt in the martial art, and with that expertise, she shows women how to protect themselves against attacks. More than instructing them in self-defense, Tanya Hutchens proves to women that they are not powerless, but exactly the opposite. Tanya Hutchens supports women in their journeys from subjugation to empowerment.


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