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Hey, its thatbananagirl. I am a middle schooler, and I love life, and I am perfectly fine being the awesome dork that I am (emphasis on the awesome). I love my friends, and adding random s to the back of some words like specials. I love any type of music and I like computers (yes, i am a Mac person) and the summer is my favorite season. Im not going to give out where I live or anything because of freaky stalker people. But I love dancing. Also I am quiet but thats okay and most people concider me 'emo' but I am not, and even if I was, I dont do labels. So thats me, it is all I can be.


Animals, awesome, banana, bananas, books, camera, celebrities, computers, drawings, food, girl, happy, ipod, Macs, movie making, movies, music, parties, Pool, pop, rock, smiles, summer, sunshine, that,

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