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Steepster is a social network which was created by and for tea lovers, for the sole purpose of rating, discussing and keeping track of teas taken by its creators. It has grown to become a very well established and respected tea community on the internet. The site's target audience is clearly people who love tea as it avails them of a variety of information as well as a very active discussion community.

The site acts a connected online tea journal whereby individuals share a log of the tea taken; this includes ratings, tasting notes and the preparation techniques. Users can discover a variety of new teas via the wealth of detailed info on the various ones being shared by other enthusiasts. Users can hence browse, filter and sort through an always growing collection of teas. The ratings and reviews of the teas are helpful in decision making among tea lovers.

Additionally, the website encourages members to actively engage with others and discuss all matters regarding tea. Like most niche networks, a major advantage to its popularity and growth has been that it is entirely free to register and join.

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